Curriculum OVERVIEW and Subjects

Our Curriculum is designed to establish a kind community where everyone perseveres, achieves and flourishes; where we enable all to experience life to the full.

Our Intent is to be a kind community through a curriculum that respects the diversity of our school, valuing our rich knowledge, history and experiences.

We aim for our students to develop perseverance and achievement through a curriculum that is well sequenced, developing understanding, building retention and leading to academic achievement. Firm foundations in a three year key stage three provide grounding for success in key stage four, key stage five and beyond.

We strive to ensure all students can flourish through a curriculum that nourishes personal development by giving students opportunities to explore their identity and grow their character. Students are equipped with knowledge of how to be healthy, sustain positive relationships and maintain wellbeing, all information needed to be able to make an effective contribution to society.

Our curriculum enables students to experience life to the full through a curriculum that inspires and enriches them with meaningful knowledge and cultural capital. High aspirations mean study a broad range of subjects in key stage three and have a variety of routes through key stage four and five which are challenging and aspirational.