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Chromebooks at TMS

Mandeville School is committed to providing the best learning experience for our students and preparing them for the wider world outside of school. We strongly believe that this means providing students with access to technology. We want to provide each and every pupil with their own personalised learning device which they can use at school and at home. We know that for parents, making an investment in technology isn’t always possible. If the technology is available at home, it may not be suitable to bring it into school, in case of issues with security and compatibility.

In order to provide seamless access to technology, we have partnered with Freedom Tech to launch the Tech 4 Learners 1:1 device programme.

Please see the Chromebook guidance below.

IAT Chromebooks for Students Information

Acceptable use policy

For additional details about the Tech 4 Learners 1:1 device programme, please see below:

Tech 4 Learners - Student Device Provision Programme

Ordering for Year 10 2024

 Ordering for Year 7 2024

Ordering Portal

 The Year 7 Tech 4 Learners portal is now live and is  due to close on 10th July.


Standard Login Details:

Email: Parent's Email

Username: Mand24

Password: S3cure02!


Sibling Discounts

For families who are having to make a subsequent Chromebook purchase within the same 12 month period (i.e Y7 & Y10 siblings, or twins) they are eligible for a 20% discount which needs to be ordered by a separate portal.

If you believe that you are eligible for the sibling discount, please email, and a link to the discount portal will be sent directly to you.

Hardship and Students eligible for Pupil Premium

If you are eligible for Pupil Premium, not action is needed. The school will purchase a Chromebook for your child on your behalf.
If you are not eligible for Pupil Premium but have a financial hardship, please apply to our Welfare Fund. 


For any further questions, please see our additional FAQs section at:

If your query is not answered in our FAQs, please contact us by visiting:

Please raise a ticket by choosing type ‘Other’ and we will respond to you within 4 working hours. 


Specification sheet for Chromebook Lenovo 300e