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Labour Market Information

While many young people face tough competition for jobs, many employers report difficulties in recruiting people with the right skills. The working world has changed fundamentally over the past generation, creating an employment challenge caused by the demise of the job for life, the emergence of the knowledge economy and the loss of many unskilled and semi-skilled jobs due to technological and globalisation changes. 

Labour market information (LMI) may help students and their parents understand the job market and find out which careers, different qualifications can lead to.  

Labour Market Information about the operation of the labour market helps students to explore key aspects of a particular area of employment including: 

  • The sectors, industries and businesses that operate there. 
  • The jobs that exist. 
  • The number and type of job vacancies. 
  • The sectors and businesses that are expected to grow in the coming years. 
  • Travel to work patterns. 
  • The kinds of skills which will be needed. 
  • Pay and progression patterns.  

Labour Market Information by Region (Buckinghamshire) 

Labour Market Information