The Mandeville School

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At the Mandeville School we celebrate reading as a gateway to success, enabling those from all walks of life to build knowledge and confidence across every area of study. The library is maintained as a fun and focused space in which all students are welcome and safe, opening its doors every break-time, lunch-time, and evening after school. In addition, guided library lessons are conducted for KS3 once a fortnight to teach them how to navigate the library and make the most of the resources within.  

Our Collection

Students can enjoy a diverse collection of books with 4500 titles on offer covering every genre and topic. Our books have been chosen with both student interests and needs in mind; a comprehensive collection covering all ranges of student ability. Students can also help shape our catalogue themselves by requesting books for future orders.

Students can use the following link to explore the collection, review books, and reserve them for future borrowing.


New Arrivals

When we order new books, our students are at the heart of every decision. A combination of student requests, a close eye on market trends, and educational value guide our new acquisitions.

Our most recent order was focused on filling out our non-fiction selection – doubling down on our commitment to cover every topic with easy-to-pick-up hard-to-put-down titles.

Book Recommendations

It’s not always easy figuring out what your child should be reading. Age, gender, and other interests can be good indicators, but there is one sure-fire metric that can help build solid foundations for a lifetime of learning: Fun.

The right books are the ones students enjoy reading the most as these are the ones that foster a love of books and forge long-lasting reading habits. Once those habits are established, you can then look to guide your child’s reading towards more constructive texts.

See below for a comprehensive reading guide for students from reading ages 6 to 14 and beyond. All of the books listed are available in the library.

Reading Age Table 

Reading is an incredible tool that can used to help learning in all subjects. In fact, reading around a topic can offer new ways to approach subjects and often leads to improved learning.

Below are some reading lists, curated for each subject and designed to enable a greater understanding of topics.