The Mandeville School

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Travelling to school

Travel safety is an important issue for our students, colleagues and community members. 

We encourage students to walk, cycle or take public transport to school wherever possible. 

Walking to school is an excellent way to get regular daily exercise, social with friends on the way, and gain independence. The majority of our students walk to school in pairs or small groups  

We have a large set of cycle racks at the front and side of the school, where students and colleagues can safely and securely store bicycles. 

Whilst we do not have any on-site parking for parents or carers, those driving their children to school are encouraged to use nearby streets such as Orville Close and Grenville Green for drop-off and collection. This keeps Ellen Road free from obstructions and provides ample space to stop and wait safely. 

A school bus takes students to and from Stone and surrounding villages. Contact the school if you would like to use this service. 

The 9A Bus stops just outside of the school and provides students with another safe and reliable transport option. 

Lastly, you may find it useful to see our School Walking Bubble Map. This shows the 'bubble' around the school which can be walked easily within about 5 minutes. This is a very comfortable distance to walk. Parents, carers and taxis transporting students may consider dropping their child off at the edge of the 'walking bubble' and encouraging their children to walk the last 5 minutes of their journey each day.