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School Uniform


Uniform picSchool uniform is worn by all students in Years 7 to 11. For full details please read the 2020/21 uniform guidelines.

Hooded and non-uniform sweatshirts, tracksuits, jeans and leggings are NOT allowed. Outdoor coats and hats are allowed outside the school buildings but must be removed before lessons. Muslim girls may wear traditional dress in plain black material with school trousers, but a tie and blazer MUST be worn. Long skirts are not permitted. A hijab may be worn and must be plain black material with a simple fastening.

A note from home is requested on the rare occasion when a student is unable to wear a specific item of uniform.

  • PE kit: It is essential that students are correctly dressed in school PE kit for both lessons and clubs

  • Jewellery: In the interests of safety and security, students may only wear ONE plain stud in each ear. In accordance with Bucks County policy and for reasons of safety, NO JEWELLERY of any description may be worn for PE lessons. If students wish (and parents agree) to have body parts pierced, they should do so at the start of the summer holidays so that they are in a position to remove items of jewellery prior to lessons in September. It is not acceptable to request permission to miss lessons because of piercings that have not healed. If this is the case, students will be expected to remove items in accordance with our policy

  • Ties and House colours: We place a high value on 'belonging' to a House and this plays a key role in school competitions and fundraising activities in school. Each House is represented by a colour and each student wears a school tie with their House colour running as a stripe through it. The school will allocate your child a House and notify you of this in advance of joining - please purchase the corresponding tie

  • Hairstyles: Hair dyes must be in natural colours. Extreme haircuts, severely shaved hair, patterns or designs shaved into the hair are not acceptable

  • Make-up: Make-up is not allowed in Key Stage 3. Subtle make-up and nail varnish are allowed to be worn by Key Stage 4 and 5 students only. If make-up is obvious then students will be asked to remove it before they can attend lessons.

Students deemed to be inappropriately dressed may be asked to go home to change.

Uniform supplier

Our uniform supplier is Bucks Schoolwear Plus. Visit their website or contact them on 01296 422120.

Uniform for Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5 students are part of the larger school community and, as such, they are expected to set an example to younger students. Students should dress smartly at all times in line with the uniform policy of the school. Casual wear, sportswear, jeans and trainers are not permitted apart from Football Scholarship students who should wear the designated clothing. Please see the Sixth Form section for more information.


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