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Teachers and staff

On this page you will be entertained with dishes made by our enthusiastic staff showing off their cooking talent.

Mr Miles' Mess

Pastry and chicken stir fry in sauce. It sure looks delicious, and healthy! Packed with protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals, not only is this meal nutritious, it is an energy booster! No wonder Mr Miles is always zooming through the day, powered up, keeping fit and fuelled.

F mr miles mess 

Miss Cobb's Comfort Food

Yes, this mouth-watering food is all you need after a tired day at school. Its nutrition will refuel you and keep you going through the day, releasing energy slowly. Now that explains how Miss Cobb has all those 'quotes' at her fingertips! These yummy meals will help with your memory and retain information.

 F miss cobbs comfort food

Mr Robinson's Rations

This omelette and mince stir fry looks inviting, filled with all the energy you need for the day. A heavy day of PE? These dishes will drive you to work hard during the day and let you set new achievable goals at school.

 F mr robinsons rations

Miss Barrington's Bites

These bites look heavenly! Who would not want to indulge in them? The carbs will release energy little by little, keeping your brain ticking. Miss B, now we know your secret of buzzing all day long!

 F miss barringtons bites

Mrs Ragu's Refreshments

Some more great looking food from our expert Food Tech teacher. These prove that Mrs Ragu knows what she's talking about!

F mrs ragus refreshments 3

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