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The Mandeville Platter

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Come and join us in exploring the culinary world of The Mandeville Platter where we stroll into the art of cooking. We love globetrotting to learn and understand the different types of cuisines. Be it fusion or vegan we are always up for a challenge to make a unique dish, combining spices and flavours to produce the finest meals. When we leave school, we take these skills with us to make our food scrumptious and nutritious while keeping cost in mind. 

We've put together some healthy and cost effective recipes for you to try at home. Click the links below for some great mealtime ideas!

Cheap and Cheerful - Appetisers, Main Meals, Desserts
Nimble Nibbles
Breakfast Boosters
The Hungry Lunchbox
The Vegan Cupboard

Here's some pictures of some of our teachers' delicious looking meals!

mr miles mess

Mr Miles' Mess: Pastry and chicken stir fry in sauce. No wonder Mr Miles is always zooming through the day, keeping fit and fuelled!

miss cobbs comfort food

Miss Cobb's Comfort Food: This yummy meal will refuel you and keep you going throughout the day, releasing energy slowly.

mr robinsons rations

Mr Robinson's Rations: This omelette and mince stir fry looks inviting, filled with all the energy you need for the day!

miss barringtons bites

Miss Barrington's Bites: These bites look heavenly! Who would not want to indulge in them?

mrs ragus refreshments

Mrs Ragu's Refreshments: That's some tasty looking food!

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