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Student Leadership

The Aims of Student Leadership

The aim of Student Leadership is to create and maintain a respectful and articulate representation of the student body. Students’ views help to inform the decision making for pastoral, academic and whole school development. Mandeville School’s Student Leadership gives the opportunity to representatives of each year group to meet regularly for discussion and make decisions. The Student Voice will be pro-actively gathering students’ views to plan initiatives and events, while maintaining an open route of communication across the school.

What do the students gain from being part of Student Leadership?

  • Leadership – they gain experience of leadership and a position of responsibility.
  • Team work – working with students from other year groups making decisions which will have impact on the school.
  • Responsibility – representing the year group’s voice and ensuring their decisions are suggested and proposed.
  • Raising self-esteem – by taking an active role in the school community students feel more valued as individuals and realise they are an important part of the school community.
  • Improving self-confidence – students gain skills to be confident in a variety of situations.

Student Leadership Ethos

Student Leadership means bridging the gap between students and teachers to create the best school possible.

It allows us to give our honest opinions in an educated and formal manner. It gives us the opportunity to grow as people in self-conf-idence, leadership and responsibility. It gives us a chance to be involved in making changes to our school.

Written by the Student Leadership Committee

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