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You can contact the Examinations Manager by email: 

GCSE and A-Level results collection

Please note results cannot be given out over the phone or by email, and can only be collected by the student or a person authorised by them. Therefore if a student is unable to collect their own results, they can nominate an alternative person. This must be by prior arrangement before Results Day.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Completion of the Candidate Permission Form
  • Students can ask someone to collect results on their behalf and give that person a signed letter of authorisation (with the student's candidate number listed) to bring in on Results Day.

Results can also be collected after Results Day during the Examinations Manager's office hours (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

Examination Certificates

GCSE certificates will be available for collection from Main Reception during the Examinations Manager's office hours (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) from December.

Students who have returned to the Sixth Form will receive their certificates in an assembly in January.

Please note: It must be the student who collects the certificate and they must sign to say they have been collected.

If a student would like another person to collect their certificates on their behalf, the person collecting must have authorisation from the student in the form of a letter. The school will retain the letter as proof of collection.

It is very important for students to collect their certificates and look after them carefully, as you will need them in the future and replacements are very expensive and difficult to obtain. The Mandeville School is not obliged to retain certificates after a year and unclaimed certificates may be destroyed or returned to the exam board.

Information for candidates

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