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Adviza Partnership 
Thames Valley Charity 
Tel: 0845 408 5002 

Buckinghamshire County Council
Children’s Social Care and Learning
Tel: 0845 370 8090

8th March 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

Cuts in funding to Connexions Buckinghamshire careers guidance

We regret to inform you that due to significant reductions in central Government grants to Buckinghamshire County Council, BCC, the careers guidance and support services delivered by Connexions Buckinghamshire will be halved in 2016/17.

BCC funding will now only cover support for learners with special educational needs or Education, Health and Care Plans (ECHPs) and not pupils at risk of leaving school without work, training or further education.

Adviza, the charity commissioned to manage Connexions Buckinghamshire for BCC, will continue to run the service. Its first priority has always been to support pupils at risk and as a charity it will continue to seek funds to enable this work.

It is also important to stress that all young people have a right to impartial and professional support to make the right choices about their future.

We would therefore encourage you to talk to your school if you are unsure about what provision you can expect for your child in the future.

Yours sincerely

Katharine Horler 
CEO, Adviza Partnership

John Everson
Commissioner, Children’s Social Care and Learning, Buckinghamshire County Council

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