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Careers lead
David Cockroft

At The Mandeville School we believe in building the ‘roots’ as well as the ‘shoots’ in each of our students. This means developing them so they can become responsible citizens as well as focusing on achieving their academic grades when they sit their examinations in Year 11 and Sixth Form. As part of the PSHCE programme within the school every student has access to careers education and information.

We aim to ensure that our students have the confidence to make decisions that will impact positively on their lives and have all of the information they need to make decisions about their futures after school. As our students start making these vital choices in Year 8 with their GCSE options we begin our careers education in Year 7. Over the course of their time with us our students will have the opportunity to have guidance sessions, bespoke assemblies run by professionals, lessons taught during tutor time, careers fairs, trips out of school and support in writing application forms and university applications (UCAS). This year we have also had the exciting opportunity to have a bespoke mentoring programme called ‘Captain of my Ship’ which is currently running with students in Years 8 and 9, where local employers are coming in to speak with and mentor our students.

Throughout their time at The Mandeville School every student has the opportunity to access information through the taught curriculum time as well as outside of school hours.

Careers - provider access policy

Schedule of Careers Topics

Year 7

  • What is a career?
  • How to develop a sense of personal identity
  • Assess current skills and attitudes
  • Understand that everyone can have a career
  • Different career pathways
  • Professional skills:
    • The handshake
    • Body language
    • Interview skills


Year 8

  • What are their personal achievements so far
  • How could these achievements help them towards a career
  • Looking at the labour market information
  • How to stand up to stereotyping and discrimination
  • How to access information and guidance
  • How a career links into option choices


Year 9

  • Work in the past
  • What work can children do now
  • Laws behind work
  • Wages in different careers
  • Getting over career obstacles
  • Different career opportunities (university, college, apprenticeships)


Year 10

  • Researching different careers and where to find them
  • Career entry routes (university, college and apprenticeships)
  • Career questionnaire
  • Career action plan
  • What qualifications will you need
  • What grades will you need


Year 11

  • Linking personal skills and qualities to the work place
  • What makes an ideal employee
  • How does being an effective learner help in a career
  • CV preparation (exemplars of good and bad)
  • Career development
  • What is the format of a good interview


 Sixth Form

  • University visits
  • Guidance as to how to apply for university and whether this is the right choice
  • Personal statement writing workshops
  • Guidance on interview questions
  • Interview practice with employers
  • A week's work experience in Year 12
  • Apprenticeship workshops
  • Visits to major employers
  • Understanding tax
  • Job satisfaction
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