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Transition to Sixth Form

Transition Work – Year 11 into Year 12. Preparing you for the next step

Hello soon-to-be Sixth Formers.

In order to prepare for the new way you will be learning and the increasing challenge of your new courses when you return to school/college as a Sixth Former in September, it is important to complete transition work in the subjects you plan to study. 

On this page you will find a variety of resources for a wide range of Level 3 subjects (A-Levels and Level 3 BTECs). Some have been put together for you by your teachers at Mandeville; others have been put together as useful resources by PiXL. If you are planning to return to The Mandeville School Sixth Form you should prioritise the transition work you have been set by your teachers but the other resources will help to broaden your understanding of the subjects further, even if they are not directly covered by the curriculum you will follow in September. Your teachers will ask you for this work when they see you again in September. If you are planning to study at another Sixth Form or college, your teachers there will also expect you to have completed transition work before joining them. Complete anything they have asked you to do – the resources on this page will help too.

Transition work set by the school

Business Studies: Transition work
Child Development:
 Things to do over the summer and Babies educational resource
Health & Social Care: Theories worksheet
Law: Transition work part 1 and part 2
 Transition booklet
PE: Bridging Booklet 1, Bridging Booklet 2 and Key Terms

Other useful transition resources

Transition to A-Level English Language
Transition to A-Level English Literature
Transition to A-Level English Lang/Lit

Diagnosis questions
Diagnosis worked solutions
Diagnosis mark scheme
Test Yourself questions
Test Yourself worked solutions
Test Yourself mark scheme

Transition pack - Biology
Transition pack - Chemistry
Transition pack - Physics

Progression sheets
Creative and Performing Arts
English, Media and Languages
IT, Computer Science and Business
Science, Maths and Engineering
Social Sciences and Humanities

Year 13 Progression to University booklet

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