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Sixth Form Curriculum Intent

At The Mandeville School Sixth Form, our intent is for all students to be able to pursue enriching career goals and happy, successful lives. We aim to prepare all students with the knowledge, skills and personal attributes to be successful adults.

Our intent is for all our students to access high-quality further education, training or work which is relevant to their life goals, talents and interests. Our students should also develop knowledge about themselves and the world around them, so that they can find their place in it, and contribute to their community.

The sixth form curriculum is designed to enable our students to thrive academically as well as preparing them to flourish in the world of higher education and employment which awaits them.  Our subject offering – a mix of vocational qualifications and A Levels – is designed to meet the diverse needs of our students, with students choosing combinations of BTECs and A Levels which enable them to access the university courses and career paths they aspire to.  Complementing this, our tutor programme, PSHE lessons and enrichment activities (such as the finance course, EPQ and recreational PE) help to build students’ character and develop the soft skills such as organisation, research, teamwork and oracy which will be prized by their future employers.  The Mandeville Charter also means that sixth form students are involved in a host of activities which provide them with vital opportunities to contribute to the wider school community such as arranging charity events and mentoring younger students.




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