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Matthew Larminie

Matthew has been with The Mandeville School since September 2020, having previously been at St Michael's Catholic School in High Wycombe, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the school. Matthew's background is as a history teacher and he taught in Maidenhead prior to entering senior leadership. He is passionate about developing students as life long learners and has always been keen to continue to learn himself: he completed an MSc in Learning and Teaching at the University of Oxford in 2014. 

Since arriving, he has led significant changes at The Mandeville School while guiding the school through unprecedented times resulting from the pandemic.

"My fundamental goal is that students will flourish here. For me, flourishing means developing successfully in both academic and non-academic ways because of the environment around you. The school will become a place where students achieve great things, including a significant improvement in GCSE, vocational, and A-Level performance. Yet, the school will not measure achievement only through exam results, it will also do this through the kind of people our students become."

Deputy Headteachers


Hannah Tongue - Deputy Headteacher

Hannah leads on Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at the school. She's been a History teacher for 14 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge about pastoral care, safeguarding and pedagogy with her to the role. 


Giselle Hobbs - Deputy Headteacher

Giselle leads on Student Achievement and the Student Experience at the school. An English and Media specialist, Giselle is passionate about broader opportunities for students to grow into their best selves. She's also an experienced pastoral leader and loves learning about learning. 


Sara Durose - Deputy Headteacher

Sara is an experienced Dance, Drama and English teacher. Sara joined us in September 2021 from Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, and brings a wealth of experience in various areas of school leadership. At The Mandeville School she leads on behaviour and safeguarding. 

Assistant Headteachers and Lead Practitioners

Hannah Lloyd

Hannah Lloyd- Assistant Headteacher

Hannah is an excellent teacher of Maths and Psychology. Having worked in a range of challenging contexts, Hannah is delighted to be leading on Behaviour and Pastoral Care at The Mandeville School. 


Maria Gomez - Assistant Headteacher/SENDCO

Maria is a dedicated and dogged advocate for children with Special Educational Needs. An experienced English teacher, she has an infectious enthusiasm for her subject, and works tirelessly to ensure all children can flourish at The Mandeville School. 


Paul Miles - Assistant Headteacher

Paul is an experience PE teacher with a strong sense of what our students can achieve. He runs a rich Careers programme for Mandeville students, as well as leading on Teaching & Learning and staff CPD.


Justine Webb - Director of Maths

Justine leads the Maths department. She's a fantastic cheerleader for our students; from watching their sporting games, to attending performances and trips, Justine gives her energy and time freely to all. Justine is leading data and assessment across the school.


Lemara Raven - Director of English

Lemara has lead a range of successful English departments around Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire over the last 15 years. She is passionate about supporting students from all walks of life to find the joys of reading brilliant texts and communicating well. Lemara is also leading staff CPD. 

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David Cockroft - Head of Sixth Form

David joined us in 2006 as an NQT English Teacher, having previously worked for a decade in the motor industry. He was worked in a variety of pastoral roles, having headed up Windsor House and subsequently worked as Year Leader for a variety of age groups. He has been Sixth Form Leader since June 2017.


Chris Penson - Head of Key Stage 3 (Y7-9)

Chris is a former Head of Science, dedicated to helping students grow a love for learning. Chris oversees pastoral care and Safeguarding in Key Stage 3.


Jo Drury - Head of Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

Jo is an expert Maths teacher with a passion for pastoral care. Having worked in our Pastoral Support team before becoming a Maths teacher, Jo has deep experience supporting children to achieve their best. 

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