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Examination Information

Examination Results 2017

Key Stage 4 Results

In 2017 our exams results were as follows:

English standard pass (grade 9-4) 64%
English strong pass (grade 9-5) 50%
Mathematics standard pass (grade 9-4) 42%
Mathematics strong pass (grade 9-5) 21%
English and mathematics standard pass or above 38%
English and mathematics strong pass or above 18%
Progress 8 figure -0.52
Attainment score - based on results in up to eight qualifications  37.37

In 2017, 6% of students achieved a strong pass in English Baccalaureate which is one of the new performance measures.  This means they achieved a 5 or above in both English and mathematics and C’s in other Ebacc subjects of two sciences, history or geography and MFL.  There were 7% who achieved a standard pass in the Ebacc (grade 4 or above in English and mathematics and C or above in others).


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