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Psychology A Level

AS/A Level Psychology


Psychology A level offers the opportunity to study an engaging and stimulating topic that will ultimately change the way you view the world around you.  You need to have a passion for individuals, society and the human body and brain.

Psychology can be a good choice with subjects such as business, sociology, biology, geography, health and social care and physical education. 

If you want to pursue a career where you work with people or as a team, then psychology will lend to your success even in an indirect manor.  Studying A level psychology develops key skills such as critical analysis, independent thinking and research.  It is valuable for those thinking of degrees and careers in a large range of areas including medicine, nursing, mental health, management, sports science.

Entry Requirements

A minimum Grade C in core science and additional science is required as well as a Grade B equivalent in English and mathematics. To be successful in psychology A level you need to able to communicate your ideas effectively in longer extended answers. 

Course Outline

The AS programme of study will split into 2 units.

Unit 1 is the key components of psychology, the foundation on which the rest of you’re a level will scaffold from.  Such topics include social influences, memory, attachment, psychopathology, approaches in psychology, biopsychology, research methods and issues and debates. 

Unit 2 is the optional blocks.  The options include the following topics and will be selected at a later date.  You will study three of the following, all fascinating topics that apply your understanding of the brain and mind to real life contexts.

  • Relationships, gender or cognition and development.

  • Schizophrenia, eating behaviour or stress. 

  • Aggression, forensic psychology or addiction.


Assessment is 100% external examination.  The examinations will include questions that draw on skills, knowledge and understanding, and give the opportunity to give extended responses of sufficient length.

General Information about the Course

Prospective students attending Taster Day will be given a selection of reading to be completed over the summer with an initial assessment upon the September start.  This will include new key psychological terms and historical case studies.  

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