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Physics A Level

AS/A Level Physics


A level physics offers the opportunity to study how things work, from the smallest subatomic particle to the whole universe. It suits those who have enjoyed the study of physics topics at GCSE and can be a good choice with subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, and biology, or with subjects such as English, history, geography and modern foreign languages to provide breadth in Year 12. It develops an interest in and understanding of the way things work and the ability to analyse problems in a logical and quantitative manner. It is valuable for those thinking of degrees and careers in the sciences, engineering, medicine, architecture, management and law. 

Entry Requirements

We require at least a Grade B in core science and additional science. You must also have a minimum of a Grade B equivalent in GCSE mathematics.

Course Outline

In the first year you will study 4 modules: Development of Practical Skills in Physics, Foundations of Physics, Forces and Motion, plus Electrons, Waves and Photons. In the second year the units studied will be Development of Practical Skills in Physics, Foundations of Physics, Newtonian World and Astrophysics plus Particles and Medical Physics.


Assessment for AS is by 2 examination papers which will also include questions on practical skills. In the second year the A2 will be assessed by 3 examination papers in June and a teacher assessed Practical Endorsement which will take place throughout the year.

General Information about the Course

Prospective students attending Induction Day will be given some work to complete over the summer holidays which will consolidate work on the atom.

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