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Chemistry A Level

AS/A Level Chemistry


Chemistry is a challenging and exciting subject which develops an understanding of chemical reactions from the structure of the atom right through to large scale reactions happening both in factories and our atmosphere! It will suit those who have enjoyed the study of sciences at GCSE and who enjoy solving problems and asking questions about the world around them. We are following the OCR ‘A’ syllabus; this course offers the opportunity to explore in greater depth many of the ideas met at GCSE and provides further insight into the structure of atoms, chemical bonds and chemical reactions. Studying chemistry develops practical skills and the ability to evaluate data, including experimental data and other sources of information. It is a direct requirement for those thinking of degrees and careers in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary sciences and any bioscience and is also valuable for those considering a career in any other science.

Entry Requirements

You must enjoy solving challenging problems. Chemistry requires a lot of application of knowledge, so it is essential that you are willing to think and reason for yourself. You will be expected to undertake a programme of wide and varied background reading. You must have a minimum of Grade B in core science and additional science GCSEs. You must also have a minimum of Grade B equivalent in GCSE mathematics.

Course Outline

In the first year you will study 4 modules: Development of Practical Skills in Chemistry, Foundations in Chemistry, Periodic Table and Energy and Physical Chemistry, and Transition Elements. In the second year the units studied will be Core Organic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry and Analysis.


Assessment for AS is by 2 examinations which will also include questions on practical skills. In the second year the A2 will be assessed by 3 examination papers in June and a teacher assessed Practical Endorsement which will take place throughout the year.

General Information about the Course

Prospective students attending Induction Day will be given some work to complete over the summer holidays which will consolidate work on mole calculations.

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