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Teaching Staff

Subject Leader
Charlotte Nash

Anna Gracey
Maria Ruiz Baena
Nadia Petkova


(KS3 Curriculum information published January 2016 and is subject to change)

Key Stage 3 - Years 7, 8 (and 9)

Students are placed into a language group in Year 7 and will continue to study that language throughout Key Stage 3 and into Key Stage 4 if they so wish (KS4 Languages are currently optional).  The four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed via a variety of contexts; family and relationships, fee time and leisure, home and environment, and school and future plans.  Students explore how the French/Spanish language works, how it compares to English and other languages, and are encouraged to translate for literal and implied meaning.  The emphasis in KS3 is on 'achievement' and teachers use relia, song and various cultural francophone contexts to engage students in their learning.  By Year 9, students should be able to manipulate key phrases and tenses to express ideas and opinions in French with confidence.

(KS4 Curriculum information published March 2017 and is subject to change)

Key Stage 4 - Years (9), 10 and 11

Year 8 Pack - MFL GCSE

Year 9 Pack - MFL GCSE

Key Stage 5 - Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

Not currently offered.
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