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Mathematics A Level

A Level Mathematics

Entry Requirements

Standard Mandeville Sixth Form entry requirement.  It is essential to have Grade 6 or above in mathematics to take this course. 


Edexcel Syllabus is followed. This is now a two year course with all examinations in the final year.

3 Examinations: Pure Mathematics 1, Pure Mathematics 2 and Statistics and Mechanics

Each paper counts for 33.3% of the final grade. All examinations are 2 hours. 

Brief Outline of Coursework/Controlled Assessment

The course covers pure mathematics including algebra, trigonometry, coordinate geometry and calculus. The statistics element includes probability, statistical modelling and data representation, the mechanics includes kinematics, forces and moments.

General Information about the Course

Mathematics is not only a beautiful and exciting subject in its own right, but also one that underpins many other branches of learning.  It links particularly well with the sciences, and complements physics in particular. The statistical elements work well with business related subjects and the social sciences.

Mathematics is essential for studying mathematics, physics or engineering at university. Other courses which benefit from mathematics A level are medicine, economics, accounting and other sciences such as sports science and the social sciences.

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