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Geography KS5

AS/A Level Geography

Entry Requirements

Standard Mandeville Sixth Form entry requirement.  It is essential to have Grade C equivalent or above in English to take this course.  Geography GCSE Grade B or above is preferable but not essential.


AS Level (1st Year)

Unit 1: Physical and Human Geography: 2 hour written examination

Unit 2: Geographical Skills: 1 hour written examination

A2 level (2nd year)

Unit 3: Contemporary Geographical Issues: 2 ½ hour examination

Unit 4: Geographical Issues Evaluation: 1 ½ hour written examination


Fieldwork Investigation 1 ½ hour written examination

Brief Outline of Coursework/Controlled Assessments

  • AS Students study Population Change and Rivers & Flooding.  You will also choose which subjects you wish to study from a list that includes; Cold Environments, Hot Environments, Coasts, Energy Issues, Food Supply Issues and Health Issues.

  • A2 Students will choose which units they wish to study from a list that includes; Tectonics, Weather & Climate, World Cities, Ecosystems, Development & Globalisation and Conflict.

General Information about the Course

At a time of growing concern about climate change, shrinking energy resources and global poverty, geography is one of the most relevant courses you could choose to study.

Geography enables you to develop your own understanding of the world around you and its interactions, whilst developing your ability to consider other viewpoints.  Employers consider geography as an excellent qualification due to the wide-ranging skills and attributes you develop throughout the course. Decision making, literacy and numeracy are all key skills covered in the course as well as research and fieldwork investigation. Geographers are very employable as a result of developing this wide skill set. Geography A level has been recommended by Russell Group Universities as a facilitating subject which significantly supports your application to a top university.

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