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Design & Technology

Teaching Staff

Subject Leader
Zoe Wright

2nd in Department
Clare McCormick

Dee Marston
Emma Prior
Nicki Strachan
Ambrose Waters


(KS3 Curriculum information published January 2016 and is subject to change)

Key Stage 3 - Years 7, 8 (and 9)

Students are given the opportunity to explore the design process using a range of materials including: fabric, wood and a variety of food items.

Students study the following subject disciplines:

  • Resistant Materials
  • Textiles
  • Food Technology
Resistant Materials

Year 7: Students will design and make a small light unit using MDF and plastic.  
Year 8: Students will build and assemble a Speaker Box. 
(Year 9: Students will build a standard square mirror frame to accurate dimensions and tolerances)


Year 7: The 'Pugglies' project
Year 8: Design and make a fleece hat
(Year 9: Design and Make a Bag (incorporating industrial practices))

Food Technology

Year 7: Students will learn how to cook a range of dishes safely and hygienically and apply their knowledge of healthy eating during the production process.
Year 8: Students will continue to cook a range of dishes following safe and hygienic methods and build upon the knowledge acquired during Year 7.
(Year 9: Students will continue to explore and cook a range of dishes while developing/applying their knowledge of nutrition.)

(KS4 Curriculum information published March 2017 and is subject to change)

Key Stage 4 - Years (9), 10 and 11

Food Preparation & Nutrition, Design & Technology and Textiles Design, ARt & Design can all be studied to GCSE.

Design & Technology

Food Preparation & Nutrition

Textile Design, Art & Design

Key Stage 5 - Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

Not currently available.

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