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Art & Design A Level

AS/A Level Art & Design – Art, Craft & Design

Entry Requirements

The equivalent of GCSE Art Grade C or above.


  • Part 1: Portfolio: 60%

  • Part 2: Externally set assignment, preparatory period plus 15 hours supervised time: 40%

Brief Outline of Coursework/Controlled Assessments

Students must demonstrate evidence that they have explored critical and contextual work through a range of two and/or three-dimensional processes and media.

  • 1: must show evidence of working in areas of study drawn from two or more listed below.

  • 2: must show evidence of areas of study drawn from one or more listed below.

The area(s) of study selected for Part 1 can be the same as, or different to, those selected for Part 2.

  • Fine art: eg drawing, painting, mixed-media, sculpture, ceramics, installation, printmaking, moving image and photography.

  • Graphic communication: eg interactive media (including web, app and game design), advertising, packaging design, illustration, communication graphics, branding, multimedia, motion graphics, design for film and television.

  • Textile design: eg fashion design/ textiles, costume design, digital textiles, printed and/or dyed fabrics and materials, domestic textiles, wallpaper, interior design, constructed/ art/ and installed textiles.

  • Three-dimensional design: eg ceramics, sculpture, exhibition design, design for theatre, television and film, interior/ product/ environmental/ architectural/ 3D digital design, and jewellery/body ornament and.

  • Photography: eg portraiture, landscape, still life, documentary, photojournalism, fashion, experimental imagery, multimedia, photographic installation and moving image.

General Information about the Course

Students will explore a range of two and/ or three-dimensional media, processes and techniques; explore the use of drawing for different purposes, using a variety of methods and media on a variety of scales. They should explore relevant images, artefacts and resources relating to a range of art, craft and design, from past and recent times. This should be integral to the investigating and making processes. Students' responses must be shown through practical and critical activities that demonstrate their understanding of different styles, genres and traditions. Students should be aware of the four assessment objectives to be demonstrated in the context of the content and skills presented. They should be aware of the importance of process as well as product. 

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