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Year 8 and 9 immunisations

Posted 21st May

Please see the below message from the Buckinghamshire Immunisation Team for parents of Year 9 girls and all students in Year 8.


Dear Parents

The Bucks Immunisation Team is visiting The Mandeville School on Wednesday 10th June to deliver the HPV1 vaccine to Year 8 pupils with surnames beginning A-K and the HPV2 vaccine to Year 9 girls. The team will return to the school on Wednesday 8th July to deliver the HPV1 vaccine to the remaining Year 8 pupils. A nurse will phone you to offer you an appointment time. If you do not hear from the nurses by 8th June please contact the Bucks Immunisation Team on 01296 567860.

When the nurses ring you they will check that your child and family are well, with no Covid 19 symptoms. and will then check again on the door when you arrive.  Hand sanitiser will be available. We would encourage parents to wait in their cars with their child until their allotted time. If parents have access to a mobile we will ring them to let them know that their allocated nurse is ready to see them.

Please ensure that your child is wearing a short sleeved T shirt, to save time when vaccinating.

Please let your child know that the immunisation nurses will be wearing personal protective equipment, including aprons and masks.

Public Health England are recommending that the routine adolescent immunisations should not be delayed. They have been made aware of concerns that parents will not know whether a fever in their child following immunisation is due to their immunisations or to COVID-19. Teenagers are less likely to develop vaccine reactions such as fever and, if they do, these are generally short lived and resolve quickly.  COVID-19 is associated with a more prolonged course of illness with respiratory symptoms, especially cough, which would not be expected following vaccination.

Best wishes

Buckinghamshire Immunisation Team

Buckinghamshire School Nursing Immunisation Team
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