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Sixth Form Student Publishes First Book

Posted 9th Jul

The Mandeville School are proud to say that Edward Tagg, a Year 12 student, has published his first novel – ‘Stand to Resist! – The Shield of Kelan’.

Edward, aged 17, has been writing from an extremely young age. Seeing it as one of his few passions that would further progress throughout his life, he describes it as being one of the many wonders that people can achieve: “Expressing fictional imagination is a crucial way in which you can put forward messages, opinions, share general topics and investigate undiscussed factors of life. All of this, as well, can be achieved whilst creating a universe in which the story is alive and breathing.” For several years, Edward had been trying to build up the mind-set and courage to self-publish one of his works after writing three previous novels, which technically remain untitled. A common theme for these is that they focused on the difficulties of conflict and those involved within it, which is what ‘Stand to Resist’ aims to recreate and progress.

Stand to Resist’ tells the tale of Rhys Hendrix, a farmhand who is conscripted into a People’s Militia for the fictional nation of Kelan. The story acts as an account of his months in national service alongside men and women of similar positions, as well as his descending mental state throughout the course of the war. The months he spends on the frontlines and behind large concrete walls starts to take it’s toll when he is assigned as an acting Staff Sergeant within the Militia, leading the soon-to-be victimised Squad 2 of the 54th Defensive Regiment. With his connections to those under his command growing, the eventual loss of life starts to hit harder than anyone could anticipate. Set within the fictitious world of Farthall where only five nations remain in the final continent, a war erupts when the Ferusian Syndicalist Union launches a supposed first strike against Kelan’s defences. The story is a multi-view tale that not only shows Rhys’ life falling apart fighting for a war he was forced to partake in. Edward, throughout the novel, shines the light on the other members of Squad 2 to visit their backstories, interactions and failed coping with the war, even sometimes taking a chapter or two to focus on some of the opposing officers that threaten Kelan itself.

Edward hopes to be writing a sequel for ‘Stand to Resist’ (though it is currently titled ‘The Initiative’) which will be more focused on the world of Farthall than smaller conflicts. With hints and cryptic messages hinting towards humanity nearly being driven to extinction many millennia before the initial story, any sequel will explore that past and help develop the fictional lore that sits around the story.

‘Stand to Resist’ has been released on Amazon and can be purchased in both paperback and as a Kindle edition. 

We are all incredibly proud at The Mandeville School of Edward’s amazing achievement and several of the staff have bought the book for a summer read, including myself! No wonder Ed achieved a level 9 for his English language GCSE last year!! Andria Hanham, Principal.

To purchase a copy please select the picture below to be redirected to the Amazon website.

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