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School Gates

Posted 19th Feb

We have communicated several times about the changes to the school gate system in recent weeks so this is a FINAL REMINDER of the new procedures that will come into operation as from Monday 26th February 2018. 

This is what was written in THREE Principal’s letters home before half term: 

"Repeat Notice - School Gates - Changes to Come
In order to ensure that we are fully compliant with Ofsted’s safety requirements for school premises, we are investing in new security gates on our school site. This will entail a new vehicle access gate, access control on the pedestrian gate and upgrading the vehicle exit gates.
The school site will remain secure and the gates will only be accessible to students from before school up until 8.25am. They will then need to request access through the use of the access control during core school hours. The vehicle access gate will only be accessible to staff each school day, and only staff, designated taxis bringing students to school and the school coach will be permitted on site. There will be no general 'open' access to the site during the school day.
Parents will need to plan their journey if they bring their child/ren to school by car and drop students off safely, and in good time, allowing them to access the school site through the pedestrian gate. We suggest that parents consider dropping their child/ren in the local vicinity, and walk the remaining short distance to school.
The current situation we face each day will not continue as it is and parents will not be able to come onto the school site and drop off/pick up as they do now: the safety of our students is currently being put at risk. (Unfortunately, some unhelpful parents - and taxi drivers - insist on parking on the double yellow lines beside the zebra crossing which is hazardous and in breach of previous requests from myself. I am hoping that such parents respond to our requests this time in a co-operative and compliant manner.)
We require your patience and complete support, whilst we make this transition which is for the safety of all of our students. Thank you.
This new way of working will begin later this month therefore giving parents a bit more time to practise their school run to and from Mandeville.
Another point to make is that we will not be able to accommodate parents waiting in reception to pick up their child/ren as we simply do not have room. Only by prior arrangement with myself will this be possible where a child has a physical, emotional and/or medical need requiring parental support. I kindly request that parents email me directly with their request for dispensation to the general rule, on this occasion for my direct consideration: The deadline for this is Friday 26th January.
I do understand that these changes could cause some inconvenience initially but I urge parents to work with the school on these matters which, after all, are ultimately for the safety of our children."

Cars WILL NOT be permitted onto the school site between the hours of 8.15am and 4.30pm

Cars MUST NOT park on the zebra crossing at times when the gates are open for traffic.

Parents must work with each other to make these changes work. The school has made it very clear as to the reasons behind these new safety measures. Considering journeys and the traffic on Ellen Road will be imperative to avoid traffic build up. We have recommended that students walk to school and back where possible. The majority of our students live in the local vicinity so this should be entirely feasible.

Accepting and co-operating with new travel habits will be greatly appreciated by the school but also an absolute necessity. 

Thank you in advance for working with us.


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