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Return to School in Jan 2022

Posted 17th Dec

As things stand, we are returning to on-site education in the week beginning 3rd of January. There have been some reports in the news about remote operations, but as yet there is no directive from the Government about whether this will happen. 

We will be following Government advice to have a staggered start to the year. This enables us to ensure we offer Covid testing to all students and staff, and ensure students are settled back into school well. We want to do all that we can to break the cycle of Covid transmission on the students’ return from the holidays. 

 On their return, your child will have the opportunity to do a Lateral Flow test, and have a lesson in their tutor group. If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals, they’ll be able to collect a grab bag lunch as they leave. Please can we ask you to ensure your child attends at the appropriate time, even if they are not going to participate in Lateral Flow testing, as we will also be providing some crucial learning and ‘start of term’ activities for students.

 The year will start as follows:

Wednesday 5th January

Year 9: 9am arrival, 11am departure

Year 10: 10am arrival, 12 noon departure

Year 11: 11am arrival, 1pm departure

Thursday 6th January: 

Year 7, 8 and Sixth Form: 8.30am

Years 9 10 and 11: arrive at 11.30am

Friday 7th January

All students to return to school 

Over the past year we have had a staggered end to the school day between 2.45pm and 2.55pm to reduce crossing of ‘bubbles’ and manage student traffic. However, with improved ‘end of lesson’ routines in place now, we no longer need to keep this measure in place. From January 2022, lessons will finish at 2.50pm for all students.

Should anything change over the course of the Christmas period, we will of course communicate with you as swiftly as possible. 

Many thanks, and have a lovely Christmas break.

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