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School Statement

Posted 11th Dec

Please see below a statement from The Mandeville School.



A Statement from Luca's Year Leader, Mr Robinson

Luca Campanaro joined Mandeville School in September 2015. Over his time here Luca developed into a friendly, personable, loyal boy. On a personal level my relationship with Luca flourished when I became his Year Leader. Luca understood the importance of education and many of the discussions we had were related to his progress and creating strategies to maximise his learning. Luca was determined to get the best grades possible and, during Year 10, this was more evident than ever before because he had matured into a diligent, hard-working young man. One of my fondest memories of Luca was at Parents' Evening, November 2018. Mum was so proud of Luca’s progress and attitude, and needless to say so was I! It was clear to see that making his mother happy was of great important to him.

Luca was a very popular young man amongst his peers. Very sociable, he had a good sense of humour which enabled Luca to develop great friendships both in and out of The Mandeville School. Luca was also an avid football fan. He played as a goal keeper for the school team as well as his local league team, Bedgrove Dynamos. We often talked about how he performed in his football matches, and joked about how our beloved Tottenham Hotspur would one day win the league... Luca certainly had ready wit (and disarming smile) which is one reason he was such a likeable individual. He will be sorely missed by the Mandeville community.

I would like to thank Mr Herzberg (Form Tutor) for all of the guidance he gave Luca, and also Mr and Mrs Campanaro for their never-ending support towards Luca’s education at The Mandeville School. Our thoughts and prayers are now with the Campanaro family.

Luca, it was an honour knowing you and a privilege being your Year Leader. You will never be forgotten. RIP.

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