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National Day of Reflection

Posted 25th Mar

This week students and staff joined together with schools across the UK to reflect on the challenges and tragedies faced over the last year due to Covid-19. Tutors and their groups spent time exploring the grief and difficult feelings we have faced, and also taking time to hope and plan for a brighter future. Students enjoyed watching some excellent spoken-word poetry on the theme of grief, and explored their own experiences of lockdown, losing loved ones, and the tumultuousness of lockdown life. We also turned our thoughts to others; those we need to thank, support, offer messages of condolence, or to support and encourage.

It was delightful to see students and staff sharing strong and supportive bonds, and sharing such thoughtful messages of care for each other, as well as their powerful messages of gratitude to family members, key workers and local NHS staff.  

We shared a moment of silence at 12 noon to remember those we have lost.

Tutor Representatives from each tutor group joined Ms Hobbs at the front of the school to plant a daffodil in our new Reflection Garden. The garden will soon bloom with bright, cheerful daffodils; these symbolise our amazing ability to grow back after tough times, just as these beautiful flowers will bloom again each year.

Thank you to all who participated in the National Day of Reflection.

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