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Daily update - 25/03/20

Posted 25th Mar

We are very grateful that parents and carers have taken Government advice to keep students at home if you can very seriously. We want to limit the amount of staff, students and their families mixing and, as always, you have been such a supportive school community in helping us achieve that goal. Thank you for keeping the safety of all as your number one priority. 

Thank you to all students for logging on to Show My Homework (Satchel One) so diligently and completing their tasks. Keep communicating with the teachers. All the staff at Mandeville are still busy planning activities for our students and finding ways to engage them in learning.  

As per the message out last week, do ensure that you take regular breaks from screentime and have time for students to relax. As the national situation changes it has been an anxious time for all our school community. We will have more information at the end of the week about different online resources you can use to support with your wellbeing. 

Years 7, 8 and 9: All Year 7, 8 and 9 students should be completing the work on Show My Homework at present. Well done to everyone for all their hard work - including our parents and carers! We are also looking into other virtual learning tools which can support learning. If you have feedback or suggestions then please email We'd love to hear from you. 

Year 10: Thank you to all the Year 10s who have been engaging in their curriculum. We are so proud of their focus and determination. Can we please ask that you save any work you have at home and keep all your books and resources safe as you will still need them for your GCSE studies! 

Year 11: As stated yesterday, we are still awaiting further information regarding Year 11 assessment and as such you will find that some subjects are still setting work and advising on revision plans. Please ensure that you use this time productively, and keep your knowledge current. Whilst the situation is still unclear, it is very important that you look after all your school books, coursework and assignments. Please do not destroy or deface anything, keep it safe as you may be required to submit this as evidence for your course. Any work that is currently on the school site will be kept safe so there is no need for you to come in to collect it.

Year 12: Thank you to our Year 12s and Sports Academy students for all their resilience in the current situation. Please continue to study at home and also give time to look after your own health and wellbeing. The Science and Computing departments have started to communicate with some of you on Microsoft Teams. Please help support this trial by checking the details on Show My Homework. 

All students should note that we are working hard to find appropriate support to our students who are entitled to Free School Meals. At the moment our canteen is still open to these students at lunch. We are looking into the alternatives. 

These are challenging times for everyone, so it is important to focus on your health and wellbeing in the weeks ahead. Here’s some advice that you might find useful:

  • Being stuck at home may mean there is a greater temptation to stay glued to computer and TV screens, but remember to take regular breaks away from them. Most experts recommend a five to 10 minute break every hour. That way you’ll stay much more refreshed. (There’s some handy computer usage advice here)
  • While you’re not at school, it will be very easy to slip out of your normal routine. Some of you will stick to your normal timetable when doing schoolwork, while others may concentrate on their favourite subject first. What’s important is to find a balance which works for you, but resist the temptation to stay up all night! The more you can stick to your regular routine, the easier it will be when you return to school.
  • Make sure you get some fresh air. You are allowed outside once a day for exercise, and you can use your garden regularly if you have one. You can also burn off some energy when you’re inside too – Joe Wicks is holding PE lessons on his YouTube page every day which you can join in with!
  • Keep in contact with your friends – but do so electronically, don’t meet them in person. Support and help each other in whatever ways you can, whether with school work or just some general advice.
  • But most importantly of all, make sure you stay safe and follow all the Government’s guidelines. It won’t last forever, but it’s crucial to look after yourself during these unprecedented times.

Many thanks to all our school community at this time. 

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