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Celebrating our students' hard work - Jan 18th

Posted 18th Jan

We want to showcase the good work and positive efforts of our students during the lockdown. Scroll down for each year group.

Year 7

Positive postcards

Miss Dolan has also praised Sameer A, Lily Y-B, Alice G, Archie H, Hollie H, Jerushia I, Summer P, Connor R, Guilherme R, Ted S, Omar, Lewis and Christian in her form group. She said: "It is great to see how they have embraced their live lessons and have adapted to this very new situation. Miss Hopcroft and I are very proud. Keep up the great work!"

Year 8

Positive postcards

Here's some comments from staff about Year 8:

Stacey B - Mr Scott said: "She was very helpful in an online drama lesson helping me to communicate the work to a student who was stuck but unable to use the chat."
Ben Y - Mr Sharp said: "Good work from Ben in PSHE."

Mrs Hinge and Mrs Young both said they had some very enjoyable lessons with Year 8 students this week.

Mr Robinson has thanked all the students who have engaged with online learning, and tutors who have contacted students to check on their wellbeing.

Year 9

Positive postcards

Year 10

Positive postcards

Year 11

Positive postcards

Sixth Form

Positive postcards

Extra congratulations to everyone who got their 4s, 5s and 6s when they retook English and Maths, and those who had to make a difficult decision about BTECs.

• Mr Sturrock: "Farah and Adeeba for great engagement and helping other students, and Aaron H, Sam D and Tyler S for positive contributions to lessons."
• Mr Sharp: "Owen W and Alexia P for their positive engagement."
• Mr Penson and Mrs Elley both singled out Ben T for his efforts and fantastic contributions.
• Miss Mock: "Megan M, Chloe, Georgie H, Ghazalah and Sarah - great verbal contributions in lessons. Year 13s have also been fabulous and I'm impressed by their commitment to online lessons, with positive contributions from Nikita, Tania and Adisa in class. They are more than happy to speak out!"
• Miss Webb: "Tilly D - her engagement during live lessons is amazing! She answered nearly all of my questions. And Peneil - he has really put a lot of effort into his work, and did really well in the exam question task I gave the class. I can already see a huge improvement in his Year 12 work."

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