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At The Mandeville School, we want every student in our community to persevere, achieve and flourish. We are very proud of our students and their high expectations for themselves.

Educational research tells us that for students to succeed in the curriculum and their GCSEs they need to be able to recall information and practice this retrieval of information. Therefore, we will be restructuring our homework timetable, content and hand-in process from September 2022 for the whole school. Parental feedback, including the recent survey, suggested we should make some improvements to our homework procedures. 

Maths homework will continue as it currently is. Maths homework will be set on Sparx. You will now get a reminder email from ‘Sparx’ to remind you when students need to have their homework completed. This is usually a Wednesday. 

For all other subjects, students will learn one page of ‘core knowledge’ a day which has been prepared by Subject Leaders. You can find these below or on the ‘Calendar’ section of Satchel. To learn this information students will use the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method.

How do I do ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check?’

Students will need to work in ‘no talk’ mode to focus and have a quiet place to study.

Students use the timetable to work out which subject they need to learn. Write this subject clearly at the top of a piece of lined paper along with their name and form.

Students read a small chunk of information from their core knowledge book.

They cover it with their hand/ pencil case/ book

They try to write it down accurately from memory

They check against their core knowledge book and correct errors and fill gaps in purple pen

Repeat until they fill the whole page.

Students will hand in their core sheet centrally in a labelled tray at reception every day. Students who do not hand in their A4 sheet will be given a B3 as they currently do, but they will attend a ‘catch up’ where they will stay for up to 30 minutes until they finish their core sheet learning.

Students will have the opportunity to attend a homework club after school if they would rather complete their homework at the end of the school day. All students will be issued with a pad of lined paper and a purple pen to ensure they have the correct equipment for recalling the core sheets. Please watch the more detailed pre-recorded presentation about the homework system is on this link which was made for Year 8 parents last year. Please watch in presentation mode to hear Mrs Tongue's commentary.

This is a new initiative at the school, so we'd love your feedback! Email if you have thoughts.

Year 7 Term 4 Core Book

Year 8 Term 4 Core Book

Year 9 Term 4 Core Book

Year 10 Term 4 Core Book

Year 11 Term 4 Core Book

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