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To support learning from home, many organisations are allowing free access to previously paid for resources. Here we include just a few of the options available.

Parents guide to Home Learning - click here

Websites and eBooks

Websites for Learning offering Free Access to Students - some of these are normally quite expensive.

  • ArtStor Digital Library: High quality images for study, presentations etc
  • Drama Online: Full play texts from all major playwrights, streaming video of live performances, including Shakespeare, Modern Classics, Classical Greek drama, and more
  • Gale in Context databases: Science, Environmental Studies, Opposing Viewpoints, Global Issues, and World History 
  • Source/Credo Reference: General reference source for quality research/study
  • Infobase databases and video streaming collections: History, Science, Literature, Religion and more 
  • AudioPi: Podcasts designed for GCSE and A-Level study of English Literature, English Language, History, Religious Studies, Sociology and Psychology. Email info@audiopi to get your free trial 
  • V21 Artspace: V21 Artspace has produced over 100 arts and culture ‘interactive 3D virtual tours’
  • Q-Files: Online encyclopaedia for kids, offering a free trial through to July 2020. Email
  • Mango Languages: High quality language-learning resources being made available for free on application 
  • My Shakespeare: Full-text, annotated, interactive editions of Shakespeare plays 
  • Rosetta Stone: Internationally well-regarded platform for language learning 
  • DKfindout!: Cross-curricular information suitable for Year 7
  • Authorfy: Videos about books, authors, creative writing and reading
  • Exact Editions: Free online magazine subscriptions from Exact Editions 

A list of online education resources is also available on

Audiobooks and Podcasts

Reading/audiobooks available for pleasure:

  • Penguin website: Penguin talks programme for young adults, Puffin story time for younger children
  • Buckinghamshire Library: Use your Bucks library account to borrow ebooks and audiobooks to view on your computer or phone 
  • AudibleFree 30 day trial for audiobooks 
  • Audible Stories: Audible have made a selection of their children’s audiobooks available for free, including literary classics, texts in French and Spanish, and folk tales
  • BookBub: A selection of free ebooks for Kindles 
  • Google Books: Google Books has a vast index of books, many of which are available to read in full, but some will only be available as samples or for limited access
  • Project Gutenberg: Ebooks of texts out of copyright
  • BookTrust: Bookfinder - find out about books in a wide variety of genres
  • BookTrust: HomeTime - resources for younger students
  • World Book Day: World of Stories: Audiobooks
  • World Book Day Secondary Resources: Extracts and activities 
  • Librivox: Audiobooks of texts out of copyright, read by volunteers 
  • Poetry Foundation  Contemporary and classic poetry

Podcasts are available covering every possible area of the curriculum, and are free to listeners.

To listen, you can either download a dedicated podcast app like Overcast or Pocket Casts, listen via Spotify, or listen via a podcast’s own website. Here are a few recommendations:

  • 99% Invisible - design and society 
  • The Allusionist - language and communication 
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class - history 
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage - science 
  • 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy - design, history, business and politics 
  • Articles of Interest - fashion and textiles 
  • Page 94: The Private Eye Podcast - politics 
  • Song Exploder - music 
  • More or Less - economics and maths 
  • BBC Sounds: Documentaries - various topics 
  • You’re Dead to Me - history 
  • We Can Change the World - interviews with inspiring young people 
  • TEDTalks - various topics
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