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Dress Code

Sixth Form students should dress smartly and appropriately for a working day ‘in the office’.  Remember The Mandeville School Sixth Form is your place of work and clothes worn here may be different from how you dress when not at school, in other words not casual wear. Sixth Form students should be sensitive to our community and younger students when considering how to dress. 



Suit Jacket
Trousers - dark colour
Shirt - plain or striped
Smart shoes (black or brown leather)     
Tie (could be a bow tie)

Tailored jacket/waistcoat with matching
full length trousers OR skirt which should
be appropriate, smart and of decent/modest
Shift dress with matching jacket
Blouse/smart top with collar (no low
neck lines)
Smart shoes/boots (black or brown
No heels above 2 inches

 What Not to Wear

 What Not to Wear

Sports top/bottoms
Jeans/denim/tight trousers/shorts/

Jeans/denim/tight trousers/shorts/
Strappy/revealing tops or brae midriffs/
backless clothing

Please note:
Sports Academy students should wear the appropriate Sports Academy Uniform which consists of branded tracksuits and sports-wear.

Jewellery and Piercings: Students are not permitted to wear jewellery, with the exception of a plain stud in each ear. Visible body piercings of any kind are not permitted.

Hairstyles: Hair dyes must be in natural colours. Extreme haircuts, severely shaved hair, patterns or designs shaved into the hair are not acceptable.

Make-Up: Subtle make-up and nail varnish are allowed to be worn by Sixth Form students. If make-up is obvious or heavy then students will be asked to remove it before returning to lessons. The same applies for nail varnish that is bright or flamboyant.

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