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School Charter

We want the absolute best for our students; to grow academically and personally. We've developed the Mandeville Charter in order to ensure that all of our students have the chance to fulfil their promise. 

We want The Mandeville School to be "a diverse learning community where everyone achieves, flourishes and is enabled to experience life to the full."

This Charter outlines 6 main entitlements for Mandeville students. 

As a staff, we work hard to fulfil the promise of this Charter; to ensure that students are offered a broad and rich range of experiences to fulfil each entitlement, and the encouragement to ensure that students make the best use of these opportunities.


Academic Development
Students will be offered a broad and rich academic curriculum, with a balance of core academic, creative and practical subjects over time. Students are enabled to make informed subject choices for Key Stages 4 and 5, relevant to their talents, interests and aspirations. Students are challenged to think deeply, and read challenging and rich texts. All students receive the support they need to progress, including specific and constructive feedback from staff. Students learn a range of success-building learning habits, including effective revision techniques, to retain their learning long-term. 

All Mandeville students aspire to be the best they possibly can, at whatever goals they choose to pursue. Students are exposed to high-quality and varied careers education and work experience, and therefore develop detailed understanding of challenging and rewarding career paths. Having been exposed to diverse role models, students feel confident to articulate and pursue bold and ambitious challenges. Students are given the tools to pursue their goals over time, including support with application to FE College, Universities, jobs and apprenticeships. They also understand that life goals should encompass financial, personal, altruistic and intellectual facets in balance.

Students will have opportunities to explore character, ethics, faith and values at The Mandeville School. Opportunities to debate, challenge and refine values will be ample. Students will have the chance to develop these character traits too; developing confidence by leading, compassion by helping others, and integrity by facing mistakes and reflecting on them. Students will face personal, physical, social and intellectual challenges, and in doing so, will develop resilience and self-esteem.

Identity and Culture
Each student at The Mandeville School is provided with opportunities to explore their personal identity, cultural background, and culture. Students learn about others cultures too, and how to live harmoniously with others. Students develop and share a sense of pride in who they are, and the skills and knowledge to understand people with different cultures and identities. Students are exposed to diverse and successful role models, and feel known and valued by peers and staff alike. All students are exposed to excellent cultural experiences, such as live theatre, religious and cultural events, and explore culturally significant people, places and ideas as part of their schooling.

Students work with a range of peers during their time at The Mandeville School. Students learn how to relate to others, develop respect, compassion, empathy and tolerance, and resolve interpersonal conflicts effectively. Students learn how to develop healthy friendships; they are well-prepared for the complexities and joys of adult relationships. Students have strategies to ensure they stay safe and manage their emotional wellbeing.

Community Contribution
Students feel connected to a school community, as well as local, national and international communities. They take an active role in the school’s House system, including representing their House in cultural or sporting activities. Students contribute to shared goals such as Student Voice, charity activities, cultural exchanges and visits and environmental projects. Graduates of the school are aware of how their choices affect others in their local and international communities.

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Term 1 2022/23

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