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Intent statement

The Mandeville School Music Department believes that ‘Music is for Everyone’. Our curriculum has been uniquely designed to not only develop students’ musical skill set, but to nurture a love of global music and the arts which transcends beyond their time in the classroom. The students work together to explore a breadth of musical genres to develop their cultural capital allowing for a wider appreciation of the world around them.

Throughout the practice required to achieve on an instrument, students learn how to preserve in challenging situations and be responsible for themselves when working solo and as an ensemble. They learn how to respond, be empathetic and encouraging when listening to each other perform. Through performance students build confidence in themselves and in their own musical ability whether this be instrumental or reading ability. For many students it can provide them a sense of calm and act as a therapeutic experience which they can take with them into their home life and beyond. Music isn’t just about being able to play an instrument or compose a piece of music but all the personal skills that come as a result of this experience and the awareness and appreciation of the many cultures within our society and beyond.

Links to the whole-school curriculum

The Music curriculum is aligned to the whole school Curriculum. The Music curriculum is designed to establish a kind community where everyone perseveres, achieves and flourishes; where we enable all the experience life to the full. In the Music department we maintain the Mandeville School Curriculum Principles:

A kind community through a curriculum that respects the diversity of our school, valuing our rich knowledge, history and experiences.

Perseverance and achievement through a curriculum that is well sequenced, developing understanding, building retention and leading to academic achievement. Firm foundations in a three-year Key Stage 3 provide grounding for success in Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5 and beyond.

Flourishing through a curriculum that nourishes personal development by giving students opportunities to explore their identity and grow their character. Students are equipped with knowledge of how to be healthy, sustain positive relationships and maintain wellbeing so as to have the information needed to be able to make an effective contribution to society.

Enabling students to experience life to the full through a curriculum that inspires and enriches them with meaningful knowledge and cultural capital. High aspirations mean students study a broad range of subjects in Key Stage 3 and have a variety of routes through Key Stage 4 and 5 which are challenging and aspirational.

In Key stage Three we have 4 ‘big ideas’ which we study. These are:

1. Performing
2. Composing
3. Listening and appraising
4. Manipulating music

Behind each of these big ideas is a series of ‘Meaningful knowledge’ This is the age-related critical knowledge and skills which students MUST have so that they can reach our curriculum intent. By the end of Key Stage Three we will have met our curriculum intent through the 4 big ideas of Mandeville Music so that students are able to:
Big idea 1: Performing
a) Know how instruments work
b) Know how to turn music from notes into “Music”
c) Be able to use their voices effectively to be a part of a musical experience
d) Have some rhythmic ability
e) Being a part of an ensemble

Big idea 2: Composing

a) Knowing how to compose and improvise in styles of different genres and sub genres
b) Being able to read Music whether this be staff notation or other relevant scores
c) Being able to understand how Music software operates
d) Understanding the importance and being able to successfully use the musical elements in developing a piece of Music

Big idea 3: Listening and Appraising

a) Being able to listen to Music and understand how it is put together
b) Being able to critically analyse a piece of Music with increasing perception
c) Knowing how to interpret what the composer was trying to portray
d) Listening to music for enjoyment
e) Having an opportunity to listen to live Music

Big idea 4: Manipulating Music
a) How to use computer software to edit Music
b) How to use fx to enhance Music
c) Be able to use pre-existing Music and use overdubbing techniques
d) How to create Music alongside still and/or moving images

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map Music KS3 

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