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A Warm Welcome from The Principal - Andria Hanham

For all existing and prospective students, staff and parents this website is an essential source of information on our routines, procedures and activities.

There is also my letter home that I generally write every other Friday to give information about the previous two weeks and flag up pending events (click here to read).

At The Mandeville School we continue to make rapid improvements with growing numbers of students in Year 7 and Sixth Form wishing to join our learning community as we become more popular. Our staff are committed to constantly reviewing and improving the opportunities for our students.

Our students are “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow”. In other words, the skills that they glean as inquisitive and responsible learners will furnish them with the confidence to grow into adulthood and make a positive impact on the society in which they live as caring, compassionate and creative people. We want our students to be resilient, articulate and positive as well as respectful of others demonstrating values that recognise diversity and tolerance of others’ uniqueness. We want our students to make a worthwhile contribution to an evolving world in which they live during their adult years when they leave school. While with us however, we want our students to feel safe and to enjoy their time every day when they come to school.

To achieve these aims, we focus upon “the two pillars of Mandeville”. Our primary ‘pillar’ at The Mandeville School is teaching and learning. Since my appointment in November 2015 we have worked hard to improve the learning experiences that we offer, both in and out of the classroom, and we will continue to do so. At the core of our teaching and learning are structured lessons with consistent application of the ‘non-negotiables’ combined with high quality and innovative teaching methods. We are continuing to develop the independent learning skills of all our students with our Mandeville ‘learning habits’ such as respect, risk-taking, resilience, reflection, responsibility and resourcefulness. These underpin our methods and beliefs which, in turn, impact on our school’s positive culture. We use the language of aspiration as part of our commitment to a ‘can do’ philosophy. Building the self-esteem and confidence of our students is as important as them achieving well in public examinations. Students who feel safe and happy at school will make better progress and we place great store on ensuring that our students enjoy coming to school.

As part of our second ‘pillar’, everyone at The Mandeville School is dedicated to providing the very best opportunities for all our students by setting high standards of behaviour. It is with pride that we inculcate traditional values and respect for every member of the community – child and adult. Our students are valued equally and are taught to be kind and tolerant of all others regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.

These complementary pillars support our students’ outcomes by delivering hiqh quality teaching and ensuring that the learning environment is an orderly one where everyone demonstrates politeness and kindness towards each other. This is a calm and purposeful school where students are able to make progress in their learning and mature responsibly.  

Team work is strong at The Mandeville School: it is lynchpin to our success.  My dedicated, focused and incredibly supportive staff work tirelessly to ensure all students reach their full potential.  I am openly proud of this.

Student Leadership is growing and becoming stronger with the appointment of House Captains and Vice Captains in Mr Harnett’s year group, the inauguration of Red and Gold ties in Miss Cobb’s year group and the election of our Sixth Form cabinet under the auspices of Mr Cockroft. Student leaders are elected in Mr Robinson’s Year Group and Miss Taylor leads on the ‘Student Voice’ with the School Council ‘reps’. We want there to be opportunities for leadership at all levels, and for all ages, so that our younger students can see a pathway through the years to develop their skills in leading teams and being part of one.

Collectively we are proud of the successful partnership we have built with you as our parents, and together we will continue to ensure that The Mandeville School is a wonderful place to be a student.  All of these efforts are fully supported by our Governing Board: its members are driven by a desire to improve on what we do for the benefit of each and every one of our students.

Whether you are a parent or alumni from the past, an existing parent, or a prospective one, we hope that you will find our website a comprehensive, compelling and accessible source of information about The Mandeville School. 

Andria Hanham, The Principal

(updated 5th June 2017)