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"What is history but a fable agreed upon?" - Karl Marx 

Teaching Staff

Subject Leader
Jane Hinge

Humanities Teachers
Stephen Allcott
Megan Dolan
Giselle Hobbs
Matthew Larminie
Stephen Lowry
Fabiola Sorti

Statement of Intent

The history curriculum has been designed to enhance the knowledge and cultural capital students need to succeed in life. Students have the opportunity to engage with past events and society through a wide range of resources and learning activities. The past events chosen in our curriculum highlight aspects of modern life to enable understanding of core British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance and respect.

Today, Britain has a culturally diverse society and our history curriculum aims to reflect the dynamic relationships of different cultures and their influence on each other. It also explores the impact of other cultures on Britain as students learn about social, political and economic changes. The students are encouraged to ask questions in order to deepen their understanding of diversity, respect and difference. Our curriculum enhances student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

It is our aim to show students many different ways the past has been projected to us through a range a media. It is important for our students to widen their vocabulary by exploring a range of historical sources, interpretations and representations. We aim to support the literacy and comprehension skills of our students through wider reading of challenging texts. Wider reading will develop students' vocabulary, contextual knowledge and historical understanding, which in turn will support extended writing skills.

This year, our curriculum has a stronger focus on the historical role of women. We aim to promote women as leaders, innovators and change makers. Students will explore different sources, interpretations and representations about women and by women.

In Key Stage 3 and 4 students are given homework which explores topics taught in the classroom and requires them to expand their knowledge through activities and research.

The History Department looks forward to re-establishing a Key Stage 5 course. We would like to utilise our teachers’ expertise to offer an inspiring course.


Key Stage 3

Year 7

- The job of a historian
- Chronology
- Anglo-Saxon life
- Conquest of England by William Duke of Normandy
- Was life measly during the middle ages?
- A world of discovery
- Her story

Year 8

- The role of the historian
- World War One - remembrance in context
- British Empire in India
- Slavery - black history
- Racism and civil rights
- Immigration

Year 9

Key Stage 4

History GCSE

Year 10 - History
Year 11 - History

Key Stage 5

History A Level

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