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Physical Education

Intent statement

In years 10 and 11 students will continue to develop their physical literacy skills with a particular focus on ‘Engagement in physical activities for life’.  This is done by ensuring lessons are both engaging and purposeful.  TMS students will experience a range of sporting activities within their curriculum (invasion, net-wall, creative, non-traditional and striking and fielding).  Using the TMS Award, students are assessed in each activity covered during KS4, this award uses criteria consistent with the KS3 ‘ME in PE’ but is presented as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Students opting for GCSE OCR Physical Education will follow the accredited specification, learners will be equipped. with the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to develop and maintain their performance in physical activities and understand the benefits to health, fitness and well-being. This is all achieved by teaching theoretical content through and alongside high-quality practical PE.

This curriculum is broad, ambitious and will give the students the opportunity to:

●Develop a healthy lifelong love of physical activity
●Experience a first class learning environment
●Be part of a team and develop well being
●Experience a variety of opportunities and experience through sport and physical activity
●Gain Leadership skills

Develop physical, technical and tactical sporting experiences

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