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“Every choice we make allows us to manipulate the future." - Jean-Luc Picard

Teaching Staff

Subject Leader
Denise Williams

Mircea Popescu
Siew Young

Statement of Intent

The curriculum intent of The Mandeville School's Computing Department actively supports the overall aims and vision for the whole school’s curriculum. We firmly believe that digital literacy and a grounded understanding of how computers work are vital for our students in this increasingly technologically-changing world with a full appreciation of the challenges our children face in their own lives. We understand and appreciate that our students need to be ‘future-ready’ as resilient educated citizens and will – in their lifetime – encounter technology and subsequently jobs that we can only dream of. We intend to develop our students’ natural curiosity about the world and how it works, allow them to reflect upon the social, ethical and economic impact their ability to be resourceful and adapt to technology will have on their lives.

Our students will gain experience of many different computing topics, ranging from how to keep themselves safe online to the hexadecimal use in graphics. Students will also gain a firm grounding in how to use a computer productively to enable them to become ‘office ready’ – able to type at the kind of speeds expected in an office environment, send professional communications and be able to manage their time and wellbeing with new technology. It is our intent that regardless of the child’s personal limitations imposed by their own home-life, every child has the opportunity to approach and work upon the modern world, prepared for their futures and opening doors towards enriching their experience of technology.  

The Computing Department endeavours to review the curriculum on offer every year to keep pace with the changes in both the technological and the ethical aspects of computer science and to build upon the national curriculum. Our staff are all passionate about computing, bringing a range of experience from academia to industry, across from computer science to digital media. Our schemes of work are designed to best support our students on their journey throughout computing, enabling students to decide upon a pathway that best suits their interests and aptitudes.

Throughout their time with computing, students will learn to become resourceful and make the best use of the technology they encounter while evolving their risk-taking skills and developing their adaptability in the face of a changing world. Our students will learn to respect the real-life consequences of computer misuse and how to watch out for fake news, data breaches and covert surveillance that occurs through the devices they use. We intend to provide our students with a skill set that will allow them to feel they are savvy enough to take responsibility for their use of and question the changes in the use of technology and look for opportunities to become inventors themselves.

Guided by our school motto “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow”, our students will explore the final frontier of technology, to voyage through our subject while exploring strange new topics, seeking out new methods of productively using the technology at their fingertips and new ethical dilemmas posed by technological advancements, because our students will one day go boldly where none of us have been before and they need to be ready for their future!

Curriculum Maps

Here you can find the curriculum maps for Computing for the academic year 2020-21. This is subject to change as we move through the year, especially the Year 11 section. As we approach the final exams the topics revised will be based on the needs of the students and therefore cannot be set at this stage.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

- Staying safe online
- Modelling with spreadsheets
- Programming and game design
- Understanding computer systems

Year 8

- Graphic design with Photoshop
- Website development
- Creating digital animations
- Programming with Python 3.6
- Modelling with spreadsheets

Key Stage 4

Computing GCSE
Computing Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia

Year 9 - GCSE
Year 9 - Cambridge Nationals
Year 10 - GCSE
Year 10 - Cambridge Nationals
Year 11 - GCSE
Year 11 - Cambridge Nationals

Key Stage 5

A Level Computer Science

Year 12

All information is subject to change

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