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Child Development

"What a child can do today with assistance, they will be able to do by themselves by tomorrow." – Lev Vygotsky

Teaching Staff

Subject Leader
Samantha Mock

Rebekah Faulkner

Statement of Intent

The curriculum intent of the Child Development department is to support the overall aims and vision for The Mandeville School. In Child Development, we explore the key characteristics of early childhood growth and development from birth to five years across the developmental areas. Students will be able to develop knowledge, understanding and technical skills by planning, developing and adapting play opportunities suitable for young children across the five areas of development as part of their Key Stage 4 learning.

Students will gain experience on a range of topics that are important to the early years, such as the importance of play and how child-friendly environments help to support this. By studying Child Development our students will be learning about societal influences, which enables students to gain a real insight into all of the challenges, excitement, considerations and responsibility surrounding children’s development. It was Maria Montessori that said: “Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society”, and by studying Child Development students at The Mandeville School will be passionate about the early education of children.

Students at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 will have the opportunity to experience life in an early years setting through a two-week work experience placement. This experience will enable them to understand what play really means for children and how important it is to plan appropriate learning activities to develop young children’s knowledge and skills. Work experience encourages multiple approaches to learning, such as practical opportunities and real-life scenarios, which will support students to develop their applied knowledge and practical skills.

Child development will equip students with the skills and understanding ready for study at Key Stage 5. Our Key Stage 5 students will build on the skills already learnt at Key Stage 4, creating a depth of knowledge and understanding of the factors that affect development and the theorists who have shaped the early years curriculum as we know it today. They will be able to understand key legislation for early years and plan, carry out and evaluate play activities with children in their work experience placement.

Our curriculum supports the schools aims of ‘Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow’. Child Development students are the future leaders of children’s early education, going on to leading others into learning. Every child is special and unique and students will understand this from studying Child Development.

Curriculum Maps

Here you can find the curriculum maps for Child Development for the academic year 2020-21. This is subject to change as we move through the year, especially the Year 11 section. As we approach the final exams the topics revised will be based on the needs of the students and therefore cannot be set at this stage.

Key Stage 4

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Children's Play and Learning

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