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Mandeville's New School Day

Posted 14th Jul

We are very excited about introducing our new curriculum model with a three year GCSE and BTEC programme. There are some changes that will be necessary to our current school day. The envelope of Mandeville's day will ostensibly remain the same - 8.25am start and 2.45pm or 3.00pm finish for students in 'focus time' - but we will have six fifty minute periods for Years 7 and 8 (instead of five sixty minute lessons) whilst in Years 9 through to Sixth Form we are introducing a double period per week for all option subjects and core PE and science. This will mean that on most days Years 9 through to Sixth Form will continue to have a five period day as now but with the addition of some one hour and forty minute lessons to cover more learning and in more depth. The outline of the school’s new day can be found by clicking here.

The staff (almost) unanimously saw the benefits of this proposal and the introduction of vertical groups for some subjects in Years 9 and 10 and these will provide some interesting and innovative opportunities. We are also increasing the number of lessons that students receive in mathematics and English from Years 7 through to 11 to 5 per week, as opposed to the 3 currently delivered in Years 7 to 9 and 4 in Year 11. These subjects are of vital importance for our students’ futures and as such we were driven by the principle that these subjects need to be taught each and every day so that our students will have every opportunity to receive the grades they need to move on to the career pathway of their choice upon completion of their time here at The Mandeville School. This principle will continue in the Sixth Form where students will have 5 lessons per week allocated to each of their option choices.

Our Governing Board has approved this new model for a variety of reasons too.