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Year 8 Residential

Wednesday 14th June - 5.15pm

We are still on track to arrive back by 6pm, dependent on Aylesbury traffic. Approaching Bicester now. 

Wednesday 14th June - 2.30pm

We are safely on the coach and en route. At the moment our ETA for return to school is still 6pm. We will update you when we come off the M40 or before that if there is a big delay. 

Tuesday 13th June - 10.30pm

Everyone is having a wonderful time. The students have learnt camouflage techniques, first aid skills (which they later had to put into 'practice' when they discovered the wreckage of a plane containing teachers with very unconvincing injuries), archery, navigated with blackout goggles and made tent pegs and bracelets. One student even ate a salmon's eye. They will be sorry to leave the woods on Wednesday afterrnoon but will also be looking forward to seeing you, their phones and a hot bath!

Monday 12th June - 10.50am

Message from Mr Cockroft: "We have arrived safely."

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